A day in Nuremburg

Fellow Fulbrighter Eric and I keep talking about seeing more of Germany, so we started close to home on Saturday with a day trip to Nuremburg. We encountered much bad luck: we got on the wrong train and had to pay extra (our ticket was ony valid for certain trains to Nuremburg), we arrived at the War Trials Memorial seven minutes too late (not seven minutes before it closed, but seven minutes before the last allowed entry) and the guard was stubborn, and the frozen yogurt shop we told ourselves we’d visit on the way back to the station was closed by the time we got there. But we still had fun. Nuremburg has the quaint, medieval German town feel that Munich lacks. It’s picturesque, with old buildings and churches and a castle atop a hill. The Dürer house is there—it’s horriby kitschy, but worth the (admittedly low) price of admission. On Saturdays, there’s also a Saturday market, where we grabbed many free samples of pestos, truffle pastes, cheeses, and even cheesecake!

Next up (within Germany): Stuttgart, And of course I still need to plan a pilgrammage to Wahlheim Wetzlar.