The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces

I’ve had a few visitors in the past couple weeks, which gave me an excuse to be tourist-y in Bavaria. This, of course, meant visiting castles—both the one very close to my house (Schloss Nymphenburg) and the more famous one a train ride away (Neuschwanstein). This also meant that I have photo evidence of these trips! (I may be terrible at taking pictures, but my visitors weren’t.)

Let’s start with Schloss Nymphenburg. It was originally built as the Bavarian royal family’s country hunting lodge. Of course, it’s now in the city, but that’s what happens when cities expand.

Schloss Nymphenburg has a huge garden, one portion of which hosts the Munich botanical garden. There seem to be a lot of renovations going on in the botanical garden right now, perhaps due to the heavy snowfall recently. In addition to large sections of the garden being blocked off, the benches are almost all missing!

Where is the bench?
Where is the bench?

But the greenhouses are all open, which meant I was able to visit my favorite garden residents—the turtles!

They're so adorable! I think I might want a turtle as a pet someday.
They’re so adorable! I think I might want a turtle as a pet someday.

Schloss Nymphenburg is nice to have in my backyard (well, almost), but it doesn’t have the same Disney-inspiring architecture, opera-themed murals, and worldwide fame as Neuschwanstein. Visiting the latter requires a two-hour train ride, but it’s definitely worth it. Not only do you get to see two beautiful castles, you also end up in the gorgeous German alps. The last time I made the journey was four years ago, so I was long overdue for a visit.

The other castle I want to return to at some point this year is Linderhof. It’s near Neuschwanstein, so we could have visited it at the same time, but the coolest part (the cavern) is closed at this time of year. It’s on my spring travel list!

Photo credits mostly go to Lucas and Jason, though I took a few of the Neuschwanstein pictures.